Chris Miller, Democratic candidate and recently retired pastor,
invites you to help
him “retire” Republican Ed Brooks from office
in Wisconsin's 50th Assembly District





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  Democratic Convention Invocation
given by Chris Miller

     June 6, 2014 ~ Wilderness Resort, Dells / Lake Delton

 We have gathered in this unique place for a special purpose

By the Grace of the One who Created every thing 

By a Love that Redeems every one – even those that don’t  

look like or think like or talk like us, or even like us, AND

 By the Presence that wants to Guide ALL of us into Abundant Life.

WE GIVE THANKS for this Day, this Occasion and this Season;

We give thanks for loved ones that help us enjoy each day,

     as well as Advisors & Aides who help us seize every opportunity.

We give thanks also, for all those who put their faith and trust in us        

to carry their banner, champion their needs  & defend their dignity.

With responsibility to earn their Trust & deserve their Vote,

    we approach the Almighty, without being too greedy, to ASK:

      that all our leaders, candidates, & volunteers will be cheerful, tireless and capable;

      that our yard signs will not walk off AND there will be NO dreaded “September surprises’;

that our Message will be compelling and capture the imagination of the Party faithful, as well as     

many of the Independent & the Disenfranchised “parties”.

Lastly:   we ASK of the Almighty… who is above All of us   &    within each of us…

to help us MOVE MOUNTAINS  & MINDS  & HEARTS;    

In the Strong Name of the Lord of the Universe:

that we Pray to,   Ask of,   and   Gather in:        AMEN.



I am a trusting person, and I had trusted over the last 45 years that the “smartest people in the room” were in our nation and state capitols, that they were taking care of business, and working for the common good.  That was a naïve assumption.

Our national political climate has taken a toxic turn toward dead-end arguing and standoffs, as opposed to dialogue to develop solutions to move America forward.  That toxic attitude has seeped into our state capitol where the atmosphere has become combative and uncompromising, losing sight of doing what’s right for the common good.  Our state is a ship headed off-course in the wrong direction.